Ratbath Interview Featured on GoldFlakePaint

Tummy Rock Records is pleased to share this recent interview with Ratbath’s Karlie Efinger on GoldFlakePaint! Karlie discusses the inspiration behind her most recent album, her first entry into music and even shouts out to Tummy Rock’s Tyson Ballew. In honor of the year anniversary of her album, Tummy Rock will release the album on cassette which will be posted online soon! Congratulations, Karlie!



Noise Noise Noise “Blazing Hot Title Track” on Bandcamp

Notice anything different about us? Noise Noise Noise’s “Blazing Hot Title Track” is now on our Bandcamp page for $7! Compiling punky harmonic vocals atop continuous barks and blast beats, the four-piece Billings band release this hard-hitting album in 2007 garnering positive reviews on Razorcake and the Missoula Independent. Order online now and receive a copy of USS Horsewhip’s “Want You Dead” CD for free! Visit the online store right now! Seriously you’re already here!a0122289865_16

Tummy Rock Records Opens Studio Space

Hi friends! We are happy to announce that Tummy Rock Records now has a space at Make.Shift on 306 Flora St. in Bellingham. We have merch from several local bands as well as exclusive releases from Tummy Rock and Clickpop Records. We will be open the first Friday of each month during Art Walk or by appointment so please come by and chat with us. If you have any merch that you’d like to place on consignment, please feel free to drop those off as well. Email tummyrock@gmail.com with any inquiries or just to catch up! Stay tuned for more updates to come.11012812_900186673364086_1854305546196284396_n

Pancakes “Live a Little” out on Tummy Rock!

Pancakes is a band featuring Needlecraft members Mikki Lunda and Kaylen Alan Krebsbach. The album is a powerful keyboard pop record produced by Brian Thomas who recorded previous Mikkie Lunda projects, Tropical World, and Fag Rag. It’s one of the best albums Tummy Rock has ever been able to release. You can buy a tape, CD or digital version off of bandcamp. Thanks.