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Girl Teeth (Demo/Single)
This EP comes with 3 sad gay songs, and one meme song. Plucky young shoe gays band from Bellingham, WA.
50 CDRS//16 red tapes// ppr 52

Xavier’s School “Stay Bold, or Get Old”
4 piece emo pop punk, featuring members of Bowl Cut, Cat Heaven.
300 LP’s on Transclucent Gold Vinyl // PPR 51

Tyson Ballew, Ethan Uhl split tape
Ethan and Tyson play some home recorded folky, pop punk, emo jams.
50 Tapes // ppr 50

rathbath “heavy black curtain”
Karlie Efinger plays plaintive keyboard tunes recorded soley with an iphone. Beautiful, sad and touching songs.
100 Tapes // ppr 49

Pancakes “Live a Little”
Keyboard duo Mikki Lunda, and Kaylen Krebsbach play powerful experimental synth pop.
1st pressing 100 tapes 50 CDr’s
ppr 48

The Power Girls “Level Up”
May 2014
Digital Release
ppr 47
8 Year old’s Maddie and Harmony sing original songs with backup production by Peter William Woiwod

Buddy Jackson “The Murry Wilson Sessions”
February 2014
Tape release limited to 100 copies
ppr 46
Punk three piece from Missoula, MT. Melodic, too the point, hooks where it counts, short songs, no guitar solos.
Buy Tape Here: http://tummyrockrecords.bigcartel.com/product/buddy-jackson-murry-wilson-sessions-tape
Download the songs for Pay What You want here:

Old Shoes “All my friends have solo projects” Box Set
August 2013
digital release
ppr 45
originally intended to be a 3 disc box set with CDR’s a  zine, and a tape. Due to a lack of interest I have put together a collection of the best and least offensive tracks from OS. Disc three will be available someday.

Tyson Ballew “Waste Not Thy Moment”
August 2013
digital release
ppr 44

Tyson Ballew”Moa in Repose”
May 2013
1st edition 50 yellow canary tapes
ppr 43

The Scribblers
“Scribblers Forever”
May 2013
digital release
ppr 042
Tyson Ballew
“The Crows of Cinnabar”
January 2013
digital release
ppr 041
Artistic Crisis
“Hearts and Stars”
December 6th 2012
digital release
ppr 040
King Elephant and Shitty Weekend
“Split 7 inch”
April 2013
1st prssing 300 7 inch records
ppr 039
Cat Heaven
“Fear of a Cat Planet”
September 2012
digital release
ppr 038
The Scribblers
“When You’re Dead You Can’t Have Muffins”
August 2012
edition of 25 cdrs (out of print)
ppr 037
Tropical World
“Sad & Gross”
Released November 2011
edition of 100 cdrs (out of print)
ppr 036

Tyson Ballew and The Nightowls
Released November 2011
digital release
ppr 035

Cat Heaven
“The Litterbox Sessions”
digital release
ppr 034
October 2011

Tyson Ballew
“The Scorched Yellow Pages”
CDR 50 copies (out of print)
ppr 033
released as bonus item to Lost Sound Tapes lathe cut 7 inch series April 2011

Noise Noise Noise
“Buck Kuts”
Edition of 200 CDr
ppr 032
Oct 2011

Tyson Ballew
“The Escape Artist Kids”
Edition of 31 CD(r) (currently unavailable on CDr)
ppr 031
April 15 2011

The Scribblers
“Eleven’s Mustache”
edition of 100 or so cdrs (out of print)
ppr 030
March 18, 2011

“In all it’s innumerable names”
Digital Release
ppr 029
October 2010
Originally released in 2006 “In all it’s innumerable names” is back in digital format. Recorded by Spencer Moody, this represents 1985 as a keyboard/guitar/drums three piece. When Matt played this album for me in 06 I was not happy that his vocals had been pushed under by the “experimental” recording of Moody, but now years later with headphones on I have found a new love for this album and actually think it’s perfect. Some of these songs would be recorded later but the ones exclusive to this release represent 1985 fantastic ability to craft warm beautiful songs and gripping concepts. This album is available for free, but you may donate  if you wish.

Old Shoes
“Old Shoes Live on Kugs!”
Digital Release
ppr 028
April 2010

Poor_School_Tape_grande.jpg v=1386027899

Poor School
“Live at the Raven Cafe 9/27/06”
edition of 50 on yellow hand painted cassette tapes
ppr 027
August 09
Order Here: http://tummyrockrecords.bigcartel.com/product/poor-school-live-the-raven-cafe-tape

Poor School plays banging improv, punk, noise jazz. This tape release delivers a lo-fi, bombastic live set from the now defunct Raven Cafe in Missoula, MT. This show Poor School shared the bill with usaisamonster. The band was however coaxed into closing the night for fear their banging drums, wailing sax, and distorted guitar would scare away the crowd. This tape can be a 24 Minute Cassingle since it has only one song on it. However the B-side will take you to an unfamiliar memory from the A-Side. Hand Painted and limited to 100 tapes, this is one noisy treat.


  1. Live at The Raven Cafe 9/27/06
  2. secret

Tyson Ballew
“The Summer of Dodos”
Edition of 100 purple tapes
ppr 026
June 09

Hail Santa
“Have an out of tune year!”
digital release
ppr 025
Dec 08

Tyson Ballew
“Fruit Trees for Cassowaries”
Edition of 50 cdrs (out of print) MASA records released 100 cassette versions
ppr 024
February 09

Father Son Holy Smokes/ Old Shoes

Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool
PPR 23 First Pressing 120 CDR’s with MR T on them
July 08

Minot is the 4th largest city in North Dakota. It’s one of the most honest and excited punk scenes in the country. Billy and I had talked for years about doing a split together. We got this together in time for Father Son and Holy Smokes to take them on the road with them in the summer of 08. Life was kicking me in the ass and I thought this might have been the last release for Tummy Rock. Fortunetly we have prevailed.

Tracklisting: FSHS Tracks 1-7 Old Shoes 8-12

Rub it Raw
Every Day for Us
Mid Fucking West
Those Dirty Green Shells are Mysterous (TMNT THEME SONG)
9-5 Punks
Squier, Strat, Starter Pack
From Cynthia’s Belly and into Infamy (acoustic)
we used to rock this shit house
All The Cred I need is This burned CD
Our Stupid Songs
Spydr (Beyond Nothing cover)

“The Future is Tummy…”
1st pressing 50-80 cdrs
ppr 022
March 09
FREE sampler given away at shows.

Two Year Touqe

In The Elephant Garden
PPR 21/CDB 003 / 1st Pressing: 300 CD soft case
October 20th 2007

ORDER HERE: http://tummyrockrecords.bigcartel.com/product/two-year-touqe-in-the-elephant-s-garden

In conjunction with CDB and Copoc Rock records we are excited to bring you Two Year Touqe’s 5th album. Two Year Touqe play fantastic twee/indie/pop music. We are excited to release this album with 100% recycled cardboard packages, and a color poster.



Robert Mugabe’s Broadcasting Collective for Perfectly Sane People
1st Pressing: 30 some CDRs with individual artwork, 2nd Pressing: 30 more cdr’s with complete recordings
ppr 020
May 2007

old shoes

lift ev’ry voice and sing
PPR 19 / 1st Pressing: 50 cdr
March 2007
Out of Print

In Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing local musician Tyson Ballew, aka Old Shoes, belts out acoustic pop-punk ditties like the fate of the world depends on it. He strums exuberantly, fingerpicks odd tempos and yell-sings in wavering keys. He’s as restless as a riot grrl and earnest as a poet. But if that all sounds a bit annoying, rest assured, it’s not. Ballew has an incredible ability to be endearingly off-kilter. His strong opinions are softened by a capacity for forgiveness, and he’s just wry enough to keep the positive tone from getting too candied. Sometimes he’s political, like in “FTH v. MFD” where he sings:

“you can’t take out those big guys, but you can still save your communities/’Cause there’s a lot of small-town assholes…gonna be wishin’ they hadn’t messed with me.”

Mostly, though, this album is about how much Ballew values his friendships. There’s a song addressed to Milo and Stella (the young children of local husband and wife duo, Two Year Touqe) promising them a great future.”From Cynthia’s Belly and Into Infamy” invokes old music buddies from now-defunct music joint, Jay’s Upstairs. Each song is an intimate story, deftly distilled and executed with great care. – by Erika Fredrickson


your two cool
from cynthia’s belly and into infamy
friends are not fashion statements
certificate of membership to the missoula makeout mixtape club
our actions last forever
all my friends have solo projects
me, the coyotes, and the prairie

Old Shoes
“Second year single”
1st pressing 5 collectors cdr’s
January 07 release

This was a single for Milo’s Birthday. Milo turned two. It has two tracks. He gets a new song every year, but never on his birthday. Your Two Cool is a different mix than the version on Lift Ev’ry Voice and sing. Milo vs. The Dam is a story by Greg Khon, with me playing keyboard and flute.


  1. Your Two Cool
  2. Milo vs. The Dam

Noise Noise Noise!

Blazing Hot Title Track
PPR 17 / 1st Pressing: 1000 CD
June 2007
Purchase the album here:

This is Noise Noise Noise’s first full length. Recorded by J Waylon Porcupine(The Reddmen) This is what MRR has to say about it: Wow. What a surprise. Never heard of these folks and they fuckin’ smoke. Over-cranked distorto garage pop punk. Sounding like the bastard child of SCARED OF CHAKA, FYP, and even the MARKED MEN. The songs are all over the yard, from 40-second blazers to anthemic pop numbers. It’s rough and scrappy with hooks galore…and I’m sure a blast live. Every song on this little gem is a keeper and like most bands from the arse end of nowhere (Montana) they have tons of personality and originality. Class. (Tim Brooks)


  4. MFFM
  5. MISSY

1985 (unifying theories)
A Fountain for Pegusus
PPR 16 / 1st Pressing: 40 cdr
April 2007

When assembling the We Like To Kick Ass comp we also got this album by our friend Matt Fu as well. It includes different artwork than the MASA release of the album.

old shoes/this booth is not sound proof

Old Shoes Hearts Annie J
PPR 15 / 1st Pressing: 60 cdr
May 2006

This is a split EP by old shoes and this booth is not sound proof, formerly annie j and the radiant murmur.

Tracklisting:1-5 old shoes, 6-13 tbinsp

  1. I’ve got a lady
  2. Pancake Dreams
  3. Alexander
  4. untitled (renamed the best folks I know)
  5. bravest lil jenn
  6. the forest in the trees
  7. awakenings
  8. grandma
  9. foot steps
  10. t.f.t.h.vs.t.m.f.d.
  11. the man down the street
  12. good morning me!
  13. bellingham

“We Like to Kick Ass”
1st Pressing: 500 CD
May 2006
ppr 014
1st release under the name Tummy Rock Records. Solid comp, copies still available!


Smallest World in The World
PPR 13 / 1st Pressing: 40 cass
July 05

This was the first in what I hoped to be a series of Tummy Rock compilation releases.The series ended shortly because of how difficult comps are to assemble. This is an ode to some of my favorite bands that were ever considered “bands from Montana” Some of these bands played as many as 5 shows, some of them put out many great records for years or are still putting out great work. It’s all honest and lo-fi. Best mixtape I’ve ever made.

Track Listing:
Side A
1. Disgruntled Nation- Montana
2. Noise Noise Noise- Back to Ugly
3. Coldsnap-9 – Victim
4. No-Fi Soul Rebellion- I’m a real boy
5. Caffeinated- N0-Me
6.  The Disappointments- Bath Hammer
7. The Sputniks- Syndicate
8. Skoidats- Saturdays Skins
9. The Raincoat Mafia- Shine on You Esoteric Go Go Badger Racer
10. The Greatful Dad- Heart Attack
11. The Punk Rock Girls- I’m So Sick of You
12. Homewrecker- Come Back Baby, Come Back
13. Broadband Shortwave- I Died Last Night
14. Battery Operated Boyfriend- Animals
15. Grand Tour- So Long
16. Pink Fuzzy- Weak Sauce Ninja
Side B
1. Oblio Joes- Ginger (live)
2. The Brightside- There’s so much more
3. The Slandersons- Rudy and Reena
4. Humpy- Montana Plates
5. The Jack Kehoe Trio- Hamonica
6. Ass-end Offend- Skateboarding is not a sport
7. The Shrimpers- (title unknown)
8. The Chuds- Punk Authority
9. Volumen- Videogamin’
10. Idiot Fuel- Jenny
11. The Church Boys- Heroine
12. Old Shoes- We used to rock this shit house
13. Switch Two 47- 20 Cigarettes
14. The Monsters!-I Slit My Wrist Listening to Kiss
15. JM vs JM- Poonany High
16. Wu Zhen- Red Wagon
17. UDA- Fuck Montana
18. Annie J and The Radiant Murmur- I Still have Hope in The Montana School System

Old Shoes
“lo-fi songs for sad dancers who let their petty problems destroy them.”
PPR 012
Pressing info: Format CDR Edition of: 20
December 2005
1st old shoes album shelved for years due to mastering defects. Later and different versions of most songs exist on other Tyson Ballew/Old Shoes albums.

annie j and the radiant murmur

Audio CD/Chap Book
PPR 11 / 1st Pressing: 20-30 cdr
DEC 2005

chap book with audio cdr, words by annie j, music by old shoes


  1. Intro
  2. Gray Carpets
  3. Just Like Jennifer
  4. Norman
  5. Pancake Dreams
  6. Not Enough Time
  7. I held her hand
  8. Identity
  9. Morning After Weather
  10. Moms Theosophy
  11. Looking at this Photo
  12. Cooking

Beyond Nothing
“Beyond Nothing”
1st Pressing: 100-? cdr
ppr 010
Fall 2005

“Audio Awkwardness”
1st Pressing: 50-65 cdr
ppr 009
January 2004

The Monsters!
“Dance Party Massacre”
I think we made 20 CDRs and 100 Tapes
ppr 008
August 8th 2003

Old Shoes
“You Can’t Run Away from Yourself”
PPR 07/ 1st Pressing: 50-60 cdr’s
August 2003

The follow up to Save Cynicism found Old Shoes recording at home with Jared Sayre on drums, and Peter Dolan play air organ. Some of these songs would go on to be OS classics, such as Pity Party and Custard Banana’s, unfortunately Nate Dogg is a song I would rather have not written. Recorded in my bedroom and mostly Becca and Jared’s basement. Peter Dolan also drew the album cover.


  1. You Can’t Run Away From Yourself
  2. Nate Dogg
  3. Crushes R Dumb
  4. Girl Or Sandwhich
  5. Pity Party
  6. Scenester
  7. Custard Bananas

The Raincoat Mafia

Solitary Seagull
PPR 06 / 1st Pressing: 10-20 tapes
July 2003

The last Raincoat Mafia album. Solitary Seagull was tape recorded so we had new stuff to sell on our first tour. We thought we would sell alot of tapes on Suckfest. We were wrong. We made maybe 20. We sold like 2 and I gave the rest away. This was when we decided we should try to be really artsy instead of offensive and screamy. This was met by mixed feelings by our friends. We broke up that summer after one last show at Jay’s Upstairs.

Track listing:

1.The Raincaot Mafia Theme
2.Dragon Wolf
3.Throw up song/The Bulimia dance party
4. Shine on you go go esoteric badger racer
5.Solitary Seagull
6.Yellow B. Brown
7.It never lakes in Montana
8.The River is High
9.Joeys and Kangaroo
10.Death to the outcrowd
11.Make a wish on a jelly fish

Side-b: Bootleg from Higgins Hall Songs:Little Bunny Foo Foo, Fuck the kids, Spoon out the dead, Boys Night, Dawn Partys with qwar, Kitty on my face, Dave matthess, Kolby, Teen Pregnancy, Complicated(avril), We don’t wear ties, Becca

Old Shoes

In Hopes of Reaching Someone
PPR 05 / 1st Pressing: 15 tapes made
January 2003

This is a cassette release in the style of my early demo tapes. Tape recorded live. Some really early versions of songs, and alot of songs I never recorded or played live again. Peter Dolan Plays piano on a song, and I think thats all the guests. The B-Side is a live show during my first winter break after college. A really long fucked up set now that I think about it. Still really emotional on this tape. Each tape came with it’s own special artwork and quote.


  1. Nate Dogg
  2. Crushes R Dumb
  3. You can’t run away from yourself
  4. Scenester
  5. Don’t play this song on the radio
  6. Posers, elitists, and metal heads oh my!
  7. A-side
  8. Girl or Sandwhich
  9. Sara Likes The Frames
  10. Custard Bananas

The Raincoat Mafia

Welsh Cow/The Hurting Someone’s Feelings Game
PPR 04 / 20-30 tapes
Summer 2002

Experimental/abrasive/offensive noise and anti-songs from really angry teenage boys. Some of this I think is still really brilliant. Some of it I am embarrassed about. All together it was fun and destructive. The A side of this album is 12 lo-fi tracks recorded with a playschool talk n play, followed by a bootleg of a show. The B-side is our second album. It was called The Hurting Someones Feelings Game.


  1. Burlap Sack
  2. Becca won’t solo
  3. John Smells Like Poo
  4. Jared has beanie babies in his room
  5. Ai-eeeeee
  6. There is a kitty on my face and it’s making me sad.
  7. the jovina monologues
  8. red fur on fire
  9. Becca and the loving spoonful
  10. Peter can’t play drums
  11. where the porn lies
  12. Becca’s a whore
  13. A few seconds of silence, then bootleg of our first show songs:Andrews a fuck, ?, Freezer burn, Spluara, Kitty, Becca

    B-Side: The Hurting Someone’s Feelings Game
    1.Not gonna scream anymore!
    2.The X
    3.Your more beautiful than death
    4.Cool Ethan Theme
    5.Guilt Sandwich
    6.Robo cop bop
    7.Oily Angel of masculinity
    8.Chocolate Death beams
    9.Teen Pregnancy
    10.Peter Gabriel should kick the shit out of Dave Matthews and that little bitch John Mayer
    11.Kolby is a motherfucking chomo
    12.Boys Night
    13.M is for Mason
    14.Ethan’s Song

Old Shoes

Save Cynisism
PPR 03 / 1st Pressing: 50 cdr
August 2002

This EP was the first official Old Shoes release. The EP is disappointing in performance and production. There were three outtakes from the release that I have somehow lost. Old Shoes completists (if such a thing were real) can rejoice that these sad/bad songs are available in the Tummy Rock Treasure Core box set, that reissues most our our back catalog.  Becca Sayre drew the cover, the guy is supposed to be at Cattin’s our old hang out. Instead of a plate of cheese fries he is looking at a plate of cigarettes.  This is reference to a song that I don’t remember clearly but had a chorus about such a thing.


  1. My First Punk Show
  2. 5 am grey
  3. a song for tomorrow, but lets listen today
  4. sara likes the frames
  5. car song
  6. unlisted secret tracks: get up kid sweater, spencer screams, untitled

Spencer The Monster

Shit Load of Soccer Matches/Saftey Tips ep
PPR 02 / 1st Pressing: 10-20 tapes
Fall 2002

Spencer and I made up a song called Soccermatch. There are over 10 versions of it. All of them were available(with exception to the Last Soccermatch Jazz Oddessy) on this cassette release. Spencer put together all of all the recordings from all the tapes with great hand drawn art and liner notes. The tape also featured Safety Tips from The Get Along Gang. It was always a crowd favorite when we played it at shows. I love this tape. This was on Spencer’s tape label Little Robot Records, it was release number 0. The b-side of the tape had the ep worth of material that Battery Operated Boyfriend recorded.


  1. Electric Shock
  2. First Soccer Match Ever
  3. Soccer Match Wolfman 5 (Ver. 1)
  4. Balloon Catastrophe
  5. Soccer Match Wolfman 5 (Ver. 2)
  6. Cowboy Coffee Fiasco
  7. Plastic Bags
  8. I Love Timmy
  9. Soccer Match Wolfman 5 (Ver. 4)
  10. No Pants, No Problems
  11. Bothering Animals
  12. Tom Waits is in the house
  13. Soccermatch Wolfman 5 (Ver. 6)
  14. Hambone Sunday
  15. My Message to you

Various Artists

Boredom Induced Noise
PPR 01 / 1st Pressing: 20-30 tapes
May/June 2002

Though I had been releasing cassette demos for a couple years under the moniker of Poser Punk Records, this compilation was the 1st to get a catalog number. I was in all of these bands with exception to Battery Operated Boyfriend. This beginning period I was so in love with music and so excited by the possibilities and newness of everything. I wanted to share every moment of it. I have hundreds of tapes with live jams, band practices and really inappropriate behavior from our teenage years. Starting a record label is really easy. All I did in the early days was record things with a tape recorder and dub cassette tapes. It was awesome.


  1. Old Shoes- Girl or Sandwhich
  2. The Raincoat Mafia- Burlap Sack
  3. AdHd- Tiny Dancer
  4. Battery Operated Boyfriend- Box of Chocolates
  5. AdHd- Still Gonna Play
  6. The Raincoat Mafia- Colby’s a Chomo
  7. Battery Operated Boyfriend- Animals
  8. Old Shoes- Sara Likes The Frames (live)
  9. Spencer the Monster- Soccermatch (Tom Waits is in the house)

Demo Tapes (uncatalogued)

I just found an old angelfire page with some info about these tapes I made from 00-02. I can’t remember a whole lot about them. I know they were hastily made. I might go digging to learn more about them, but for amusement here are their titles and a link to an old web page I made.


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