Pre Order heavy black curtain by ratbath

One year ago Karlie Efinger let Tummy Rock Records release her 1st solo record on Bandcamp. With no expectations the album has had an interesting cult buzz around it. It’s not too hard to imagine why. With it’s sparse arrangements and the manner in which the album was recorded, heavy black curtain is an honest album, free of any highfalutin pretense. With no intentions of putting the music into the world at large Karlie was able to write some interesting and honest songs. One year later she has released a second ukulele EP “Dead Skin Cells” with UK label Fox Food Records. We love Karlie and are excited to have finally made the 1st album on cassette. Pre Orders should be ready to ship out March 1st. The tape will come with FREE copies of We Like To Kick Ass Comp, and USS Horsewhip Wants You Dead CD’s. Check out Karlie’s Bandcamp and recent interview in Gold Flake Paint.


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