New Buddy Jackson Tape! and Updates!

New Buddy Jackson Tape! and Updates!

Hey everybody! We are releasing our 1st release in 6 whole months! It’s our pals Buddy Jackson from Missoula, MT. They play punk and they don’t disappoint. I’ve also updated the Store and Catalog section to reflect everything that is in or out of print and made links to how to get all of it.

We’ve got great physical goods and exclusive deals at

There are also other physical and digital goods at

Since moving to Bellingham I have not recieved one Mail order. People who use Mail order will get a special gift. Check out:

Tummy Rock Records
PO Box 41
Bellingham, WA 98227

People who live in Bellingham can have there order bike delivered to them and I can also sing you a song or just hang out or play a game when I drop by. Thanks. I am working on having some new releases soon, but it’s hard to sign bands when they don’t need labels any more!

-Tyson Ballew


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