Moa in Repose out on Cassette! All Tyson Ballew music FREE online.


I finally put together the tapes for the latest Tyson Ballew studio release. The tapes were made available for pre orders but no one bought any. After much internal debate I have made everything free on my bandcamp page. Every now and then people come and collect all of the free items on my page. Every time it happens I get so excited. However then they never buy the music that I didn’t make for free. So in essence people were only getting demos, and lo-fi stuff. I wanted you all to feel free to file share the studio stuff, since I won’t be making back the money I put into the recording, and I am so proud of those albums. I would prefer you get the best stuff too! If you want any physical copies of things I have alot of that for sale and would love to sell it to you. I want to release more records and I would like to avoid fundraising websites unless given no other option. So enjoy this album and download it if you want or buy the tape! Thanks.



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