Old Shoes Reissues

Up now on Bandcamp you can find and download two Old Shoes releases that circa 2002-2006 era. These are some rough and tumble recordings from my first solo project.

Old Shoes was a band that Tyson Ballew (me) did solo, or with other people from 2001 until 2008. I wrote a lot of songs about friends, exes, and things around me. As a person who finds it hard to speak, I found it easy to say things in song. Growing up in a boys club of a music scene, in a small town in Montana, while South Park, Tom Green, Limp Bizkit and other shockingly anti PC influences were floating around I felt like I should say anything I felt. It was easy to feel justified when no one would call you out on it. So 12 years later I feel a little self conscious about some of these recordings I made. 

The 1st release is a collection of EP’s and demo’s. It is the 1st of a three disc Box Set of most of the Old Shoes songs. It’s pretty hard for me to listen to. I was finding my voice and sometimes you say things you might regret and record. The things I regret most are not on these collections so I hope no one is too bummed out by the songs on here. I do think The Darkness we Obey, Pity Party, Custard Bananas, and From Cynthia’s Belly and Into Infamy (acoustic) still hold up. I’ll be posting the other two discs in the following weeks and the physical version of the Box Set will also exist soon. (I swear!)

This album was the 1st Old Shoes album. It was left off the anthology because I re recorded most of these songs because these versions were mastered poorly and the lyrics to some of the songs do not represent some of the songs finished state. This is album is okay but it’s nothing too exciting. I suppose it laid the groundwork for the second and better Old Shoe’s album Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing.  I remember it took a very long time to record and when it was finished it was disappointing. I only sold copies of it during a winter tour with Annie J and The Radiant Murmur. I couldn’t find the original artwork for it so here ya go. Blurry Tyson Ballew. DIY comes easy to some folks, I needed a lot of practice.

Thanks for your interest. The next Old Shoes albums will be the best of that band’s material. Stay tuned.



Wet Drag, Tyson Ballew, Fictions Sept 22nd

Hey Tummy Rock Records is apart of a really cool show happening Sunday September 22nd at the Shakedown (1212 North State St)

Here is a preview of the bands.

Wet Drag
This band is a noisy punk band from Oakland. They are out supporting a 7 inch record recently released for them by Wacky Wacko records. The most notable thing about this band is how badass the members are. Guitarist and vocalist Marissa Magic plays in the fantastic “no-wave” punk outfit Stillsuit. Wet Drag songs seem slightly more conventional and upbeat compared to the Stillsuit compositions but still pack in the volume and dissidence. On drums you have the multifaceted Lillian Maring who is most known for her work in the fantastic Grass Widow. For those who are old school you might remember her wonderful project Yes, Please or for those of you who are new school she just recently recorded, and released a record and formed a band called Ruby Pins that just played in Bellingham in June. I strongly indorse people to come out and see this band and to drag your reluctant friend who wants to stay home and watch Breaking Bad. Get a VCR and record that shit and we can watch it after the show.


Also playing is a new local band called Fictions.
Like all modern bands Fictions started off as a recording project and is now playing shows. There three song demo sounds great and by all accounts of their first show they are going to be a band people in Bellingham should get behind. They sound like what you want to hear from an indie rock band from the 90’s. Spooky, moody, cleanish guitars and vocals. Good stuff.

Tyson Ballew is a band but let’s not call it Tyson Ballew Band. I’m not ready to go there yet. I am lucky enough to have Peter Woiwod and Nora Hughes (both from Go Slowpoke and I love you avalanche) backing me up. We’ll be playing mainly songs off of Moa in Repose my last EP which for the first time ever will be available on cassette at this show. We promise to start playing at 10pm or earlier. I don’t like to stay up late anymore. Seriously TIVO or record Breaking Bad and watch it later. Come to this show!

$5 9pm 21+ (sorry young friends) @ The Shakedown This Sunday! BE THERE!!!! Or I’ll send you on a trip to Belize, if you catch my drift.

Moa in Repose out on Cassette! All Tyson Ballew music FREE online.


I finally put together the tapes for the latest Tyson Ballew studio release. The tapes were made available for pre orders but no one bought any. After much internal debate I have made everything free on my bandcamp page. Every now and then people come and collect all of the free items on my page. Every time it happens I get so excited. However then they never buy the music that I didn’t make for free. So in essence people were only getting demos, and lo-fi stuff. I wanted you all to feel free to file share the studio stuff, since I won’t be making back the money I put into the recording, and I am so proud of those albums. I would prefer you get the best stuff too! If you want any physical copies of things I have alot of that for sale and would love to sell it to you. I want to release more records and I would like to avoid fundraising websites unless given no other option. So enjoy this album and download it if you want or buy the tape! Thanks.