Cat Heaven


Cat Heaven is a pop punk band from Missoula, MT featuring Grant Geiger (Buddy Jackson) on Drums, Ethan J Uhl (Whoopass Girls, Henry Bemis is  Superhero) on Bass, and Tyson Ballew (Tummy Rock Records) on Guitar. We played our 1st show as “Tyson Ballen” in July 2011. Originally the band was a possibility for a back up band for Tyson Ballew at Total Fest X. By our second show the band was called Stolen Letters and by our third show we were Cat Heaven and moving away from playing just Tyson Ballew solo songs.

Cat Heaven played 19 shows, three without Ethan, and one without Grant. Before Ethan moved to Wyoming for 2 months we recorded a sloppy demo called “The Litter Box Sessions.” Grant and Tyson carried on without Ethan for a couple months. With good fortune on our side Ethan was brought back to the Garden City and a newly reinvigorated Cat Heaven played a few more shows. We were the shortest and sloppiest band in Missoula. We played our last show in August of 2012 and posthumously released our studio album “Fear of a Cat Planet” with really no fanfare or enthusiasm from the Missoula punk community.

I (Tyson Ballew) moved to Bellingham, WA, putting the band on indefinite pause. Ethan and Grant have continued to make their bands better and better and release some awesome albums in the past year! I have continued to work on my record label and new solo material. Cat Heaven is my favorite band I have played in. I consider Ethan’s song “(Fuckin’ Up) In Montana” an instant classic, even though it was just a  throw away from The Whoopass Girls. I also think the progress Grant made as a drummer in the year we played was also notable and he really punched up songs like “Garden City Hardcore” which just sound empty now without the Cat Heavy playing with me. I’m really proud of our two albums and hope you download them and enjoy them. Thanks for listening.


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