Scribblers Forever!


The Scribblers started their band in 2009 when both Jaedyn and Ayla were 8 years old. They played a show at the ZACC opening for Iji, Watercolor Paintings, and an assortment of other strange bands. For the longest time they just sang A Capella at house shows with some keyboards and guitar here  and there. People were so supportive and psyched by their raw talents and stage presence. You couldn’t help but be in love with the two.
         With home recording sessions, and many Spruce Street house shows, the girls were given a safe place to foster their talents before branching out into larger community events. After KUFM’s Pea Green Boat show Jaedyn and Ayla found themselves gigging once a week for nearly a month and a half straight. This all built up to the release of their first album “Eleven’s Mustache.” That CD contains fan favorite songs like the bike riding anthem “Pedal,” their foray into Wizard Rock “Ayla at Hogwarts” and the matter of fact lyricism of “Animals.” In addition to school, and extra curricular activities the girls worked harder than any other band in Missoula at that moment.
           After a busy spring in 2011 they toured out through the midwest to Bloomington’s Plan-It-X fest where they were invited onstage to sing some songs with Kimya Dawson. After their first tour the Scribblers came home and released a documentary made by two graduating film students. In such a short time Ayla and Jaedyn had done what most bands do in a career in two short years and before they turned 12.
      The Scribblers were kids making music, but not a “kids” band. Kids looked up to them but bands loved them most. So many bands go on tour and see band after band night after night. But when they met and heard the Scribblers there hearts grew twice it’s size that day. Because they were reminded why they wanted to write songs or pick up the guitar in the first place. Because in the mind of a Scribbler they were already famous. Just for being able to get up and do it.

All three of the Scribblers album’s are available for Pay What You Want prices


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