Cleaning House


So I’ve been getting this new site in order and dubbing tapes and working on clearing out some old stuff and I wanted to clarify whats in stock and how to get it.

Physical tapes, or cds or 7 inches available are:

Tyson Ballew Moa in Repose Tape
Shitty Weekend King Elephant split 7 inch
Old Shoes Hearts Annie J split CDR *
Tyson Ballew Fruit Trees for Cassowaries TapeTyson Ballew Summer of Dodo’s Tape
Noise Noise Noise Blazing Hot Title Track CD*
Noise Noise Noise Buck Kuts CD
Two Year Touqe In The Elephant Garden *
Poor School Live at The Raven Tape*
We Like To Kick Ass Compilation CD

any item with an * is not yet available on the merch section of our bandcamp and can be purchased through mail order or pay pal using

check or money orders to
Tyson Ballew
PO Box 41
Bellingham, WA 98225

Everything else is a digital download, located in the merch section, or unavailable at


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